Replace Shingles on roof
Replacing Shingles

Can You Replace Shingles Without Replacing the Whole Roof?

If your home recently suffered from being hit by tree branches during a storm, aggressive hail, or excessive wind speeds, it's not unusual that a few shingles might have been damaged. Can you just replace the damaged shingles, or do you need to replace your entire roofing system? It all depends on the level of damage that your roof sustained. Martin Pitts Construction has put together an example of what's typical in some different situations here:

Replacing Damaged Shingles

If only a few shingles are missing from your roofing system after a storm, there's nothing to panic over. However, it's important that you have a local roofing professional come to your home and take a look at your roofing system to make sure that there's nothing else wrong, especially if you have an older roof. They'll be able to tell you how much damage has been done as well as the current conditions of the roof’s underlayment or decking. So long as everything's in decent shape, new shingles can be installed where the old ones failed.

It's important to take care of this work sooner rather than later because the longer your roof is missing shingles, the more damage will be done to the sublayers, especially during wet weather. Once that kind of damage is allowed to sit and mold, which eats away at your roof’s integrity, repairs become more costly.

Patching Up Damaged Areas of a Roof

It's possible that instead of losing only a few shingles, the damage to your roofing system is concentrated in one or a couple of patches. If the damage covers less than 50% of your roof, you might be second guessing if you can even repair it over replacing it.

In situations like these, it's highly recommended to contact an experienced roofing company like Martin Pitts Construction to take a look at your roof. What might first appear like a small patch job could actually be significant damage. You'll want to make extra sure whether or not there's any water damage to the lower levels of your roofing system or if wetness has started seeping into your attic.

Extensive Roof Damages

If your roof has been extensively damaged, or if more than half of the shingles are missing, it's generally best to re-roof the entire home. Having two different ages for half of your roof presents the question if it's economical or not to have so much of it repaired or to simply have the entire roofing system replaced. Additionally, a significant level of damage typically means that there are greater risks for issues with the lower levels of the roof, further encouraging a total roof replacement as the proper way to fix your home like new.

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