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Installing a commercial roofing system in Keller means that you’re electing to protect the objects and people within your building with the most robust defense available. Since commercial roofs are typically heavier than residential roofs, unique considerations must be taken into account when constructing one, given the amount of mechanical equipment present.

While residential roofs are usually constructed with slate, asphalt, or cedar shingles on a steep slope, commercial roofs in Keller are usually flat and utilize special materials. Institutional, commercial, and industrial roofs are easier to walk atop regardless of whether they’re built-up old-style roofs or modified single-ply. These level surfaces are ideal for rooftop solar panels, gardens, and more.

Commercial roofs in Keller are generally more expensive than their residential counterparts since their installation requires more specialized tools and equipment, not to mention the increased square footage requirements. As the best commercial roof installers in Texas, Martin Pitts Construction has the industrial expertise and know-how to install your commercial roofing system with safety and precision.

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The maintenance of commercial roofs is typically thought of before fabrication; it’s going to require more inspecting than a residential home. While a residential roof can usually be looked over from the ground, a commercial roof requires someone on top of it to inspect on a scheduled basis and after stormy weather.  Maintaining a commercial roofing system starts with looking at it regularly to see if there has been any damage caused by Mother Nature. Tree debris can cause water, mold, and even animals to find their way in through your roof. Rainwater buildup from a clogged downspout or gutter system causes unneeded strain on the roof system and presents a flooding risk. If you’re unaccustomed to performing regular commercial roof maintenance, the professionals at Martin Pitts Construction are more than ready to step up on our ladders to remove debris and inspect your commercial roofing system for damage.

Commercial building owners who have contractors performing mechanical or electrical work on top of their roofing system should make sure that they don’t cause more damage while they’re up there. Even worse, an unsafe commercial roof means that a contractor could have an accident, leading to a lawsuit that could have been avoided with professional roof maintenance. Anywhere there is a pushed-up soffit or compromised flashing is a place where major problems can lurk until it’s too late.

No matter the kind of commercial roof in Keller, large or small, working with an experienced roofing contractor is a necessity. Martin Pitts Construction has been fabricating, installing, replacing, and repairing commercial roofing systems in Keller and the greater Texas area for the better part of two decades. If you’re ready to see what the Martin Pitts team of roofing pros can do for your business or organization, reach out to us with a phone call or email today for a consultation!

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