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Metal Roofing in Dallas, TX

Providing Quality Metal Roofing in Dallas and the surrounding areas.

Metal Roofing in Dallas, TX

Metal roofing technologies have consistently become more complex and innovative year after year. Martin Pitts Construction is proud to be at the forefront of repairing, replacing, and installing metal roofing systems in Dallas with nuanced, unique techniques atop decades of well-earned experience. If you’re seeking the best metal roofs in Dallas for your structure, then you’ve found the right roofing company to make your vision a reality. 

Standing seam metal roofing systems in Dallas have been increasing in popularity thanks to their modern appearances and bleeding-edge designs. The durability and ease of maintenance speak for themselves as your metal roof stays cleaner and looks newer year-round. With a list of ever-expanding styles and color options available for commercial and residential metal roofs, the roofing industry has never been better primed to service clients with the best roofing options in Texas and beyond! 

A Dallas metal roofing system will not crack, shrink, or erode, making it a prime choice for those seeking long-term durability. Metal roofing also allows for your building to possess a timeless appearance that remains stylish and relevant from decade to decade. Martin Pitts Construction offers customers the opportunity to go even further by offering custom metal roofing in Dallas and the surrounding areas. 

Standing Seam Metal Roofs in Texas

Owing to their sleek appearances and aesthetic designs, standing seam metal roofs make for some of the most popular roofing choices in Texas. These roofing systems make use of continuously layered panels that extend down to the eaves from a roof’s ridge top. A “standing seam” connects each metal panel on the roof, a seam that is raised slightly above the roof’s own level. This bombproof method of roof installation is where this roofing system gets its signature name from. 

Why are standing seam metal roofing systems seen all over Texas? It’s because Martin Pitts’ metal roofs are Texas-strong, able to withstand all types of inclement weather while still looking stylish from the street. The weakest area of any roofing system is typically its seams, and a standing seam metal roof reduces the likelihood of these areas being points of failure thanks to their elevated height. The seams travel vertically, allowing for a seamless appearance for your roof as if it was made out of a single piece of metal, all while preventing weather damage to the lower layers. 

Custom Metal Roofing

Want to request something customized to your own liking? Martin Pitts Construction loves an opportunity to flex our creativity and has fabricated 100%-custom metal roofs for residential and commercial clients in Texas and beyond. Our team of professional designers and fabrication experts work hand-in-hand with one another and you to make your perfect metal roof come to life, all while keeping you informed and involved every step of the way there. 

If you’re seeking to repair, replace, or install a new metal roof in Dallas that represents the high level of standards you hold for your structure’s appearance, reach out to Martin Pitts Construction today via phone call or email to learn more about what our Texas roofing company can fabricate for you! 

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